Job Opportunity: AB Seaman/Rigger
Job ID: 8342

Job Category:Pipelay/Derrick Ship/BargeVessel Home Port: Dulac, LA
Position: Rigger Vessel Flag: International
Job Description:

AB Seaman / RIGGER TOPS, LLC Is reviewing resume's for hire of Derrick Barge Personnel as follows. All applicants must have 5 years expertise documented "on a Derrick barge" Working as either an Able Bodied Seaman, Able Bodied Marine Diesel Mechanic, Able Bodied Marine Electrician. They must be able to follow directions and MAIL resume with copy of certifications to: TOPS, LLC P.O. Box 9157 Houma, La. 70361 Absolutely no phone calls. - Must be able to prove you have or had STCW certificate of completion for IMO Model Courses (1.19)(1.20)(1.13)(1.21) Security awareness as per SOLAS - Must have a current Able Bodied Seaman Card - Must be able to work at sea for a minimum of 3 months - Must be able to travel

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