Employers Help

Welcome to MaritimeEmployment.com. Our site is dedicated to helping you find qualified candidates quickly and easily. You can freely search the resume database as well as post job openings. All resumes will be "blinded" until you purchase a subscription. We believe in a pay-for-performance model that only requires that you purchase a subscription if you are happy with quality of resumes you see for free on the site.

Getting started is easy. Just follow the steps below to begin.

  1. Search for resumes of interest or post job openings on the site to find resumes.
  2. Once you have a located resumes of interest, you need to contact the candidate. To view the contact information, you need to purchase a subscription.
  3. Once you have your subscription, you will be asked to log into the system and the contact information of every resume in the system will be revealed.
If you would like to update your job postings or view your subscription information, use the My Manager link in the left-hand navigation. Anytime you add or update a job posting, the job posting will go offline for approval by MaritimeEmployment.com. You can expect all your job postings to be approved within 24 hours, but more likely within a few hours.

To expedite the approval process, please do not put your contact information in the body of the job posting. You will be sent links to interested candidates' resumes on MartimeEmployment.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Contact for more info or by phone at 281-987-9600.